A direct access barrister will be able to give immediate advice but will not necessarily expect to undertake any additional work. The benefit to clients is a proper understanding of where they stand, what their options are and what steps might be taken without committing to ongoing legal expenses.

Clients generally need immediate advice when a relationship ends to understand their rights and obligations regarding their children and their former spouse or partner. They need advice on how their joint assets might be divided and on how to manage financially in the meantime. Some will need advice about a situation that may be dangerous or abusive or on how to get their ex out of the family home. Some people will need urgent advice to prevent their children being removed.

With advice clients can act to resolve their situation directly with their ex and need to take further advice only if they cannot reach an amicable agreement. In that case they can return to their direct access barrister to:

  • Discuss applying for court orders
  • Seek advice about any court action their ex may be taking against them
  • Receive help with drafting statements and other court documents
  • Be represented at court hearings